Why Virtual Agrovitis Trade Show

AGROVITIS is an organization which through its virtual platform seeks to create a connection space intended to strengthen the efforts made by all the leads in the agricultural wine-making business community.

We live in a world subjected to a dynamic change, and we want to be present through our virtual trade show -an agile and secure platform allowing us to go on important business exchange for the development of the agricultural wine-making industry.

A space to share experiences and know new products and services using the best practices that make industrial development a sustainable challenge for the future.

We commit to support the agricultural wine-making ecosystem in our region, thus creating an opportunity to penetrate into other national and international markets through our virtual trade show as a competitive advantage for the development of new businesses.

AGROVITIS Virtual Trade Show is a unique opportunity to provide exhibitors with a place to showcase their products and services with the highest quality and excellence their prestigious trademarks deserve.

We are also committed to ensure that visitors to our trade show live a high satisfaction experience and find a space wherein they could acquire all the products and services they need to develop their businesses.

A space for virtual connection

to bind all players and leads of the agricultural wine-making business community together.

Technical sheet of the fair


Virtual Agrovitis


May 2022


9 AM to 5 PM